The Ontario Building Code | Clearance for Exterior Signs Clearance for exterior Signs

(1) An exterior sign shall not be located so as to overhang a sidewalk or other pedestrian walkway unless the vertical distance, measured from the bottom of the overhanging portion of the sign to the surface of the sidewalk, is at least 2 400 mm.

(2) Except as provided in Sentence (3), a sign face shall not be located within 600 mm of the vehicular travelled portion of a private lane or roadway, or of a motor vehicle parking area, unless the minimum vertical distance between grade and the bottom of the overhanging sign face is at least 4.25 m.

(3) Where the height of all vehicles using any private road or parking area is permanently restricted, the vertical distance in Sentence (2) may be reduced to the amount of the actual height restriction, for as long as the said height restriction is in existence on the premises.

(4) A sign shall not be located in proximity to existing above ground electrical conductors, unless the sign meets the clearance requirements of Subsection 3.1.19.

Section 3.16. shelf and Rack Storage Systems

3.16.1. Scope