The Ontario Building Code | Sprinkler System Sprinkler System

(1) An automatic sprinkler system conforming to this Article shall be installed in a floor area containing a shelf and rack storage system.

(2) The automatic sprinkler system shall be designed, constructed, installed and tested in conformance with nfpa 13, "installation of Sprinkler Systems" or the appropriate nfpa sprinkler standard for the most severe hazard to which the storage system is exposed.

(3) Sprinkler protection shall be provided under all platforms and walkways.

(4) Except where the platforms or walkways are of open construction, any openings="" title ="Window installer in Toronto">openings for egress stairs shall be protected by noncombustible draft stops not less than 450 mm below the floors above.

(5) The automatic sprinkler system shall be electrically supervised to indicate a trouble signal on the building fire alarm system annunciator or where the building does not have a fire alarm system, to notify the person controlling the operation of the building for each of the situations listed in Sentence

(6) The automatic sprinkler system shall be designed to notify the fire department that a waterflow switch has been activated.

(7) The notification to the person controlling the building and the fire department referred to in Sentences (5) and (6) shall be provided in accordance with Sentence

(8) A permanent sign shall be posted, at or near the sprinkler control valve, containing,

(a) the word NOTICE in contrasting letters,

(b) a description of the commodity class as defined in NFPA 13, "Installation of Sprinkler Systems", and

(c) the sprinkler design criteria used for the shelf and rack storage system.