The Ontario Building Code | Design Requirements design Requirements

(1) buildings and their structural members and connections including formwork and falsework shall be designed to have sufficient structural capacity and structural integrity to safely and effectively resist all loads, effects of loads and influences that may reasonably be expected, having regard to the expected service life of buildings, and shall in any case satisfy the requirements of this Section.

(2) Buildings and their structural members shall be designed for serviceability, in accordance with Articles to

(3) All permanent and temporary structural members, including formwork and falsework of a building, shall be protected against loads exceeding the specified loads during the construction period except when, as verified by analysis or test, temporary overloading of a structural member would result in no impairment of that member or any other member.

(4) Precautions shall be taken during all stages of construction to ensure that the buildingis not damaged or distorted due to loads applied during construction.