The Ontario Building Code | Installation of Fire Dampers installation of Fire Dampers

(1) A fire damper shall be arranged to close automatically upon the operation of a fusible link conforming to ulc-S505, "Fusible Links for Fire Protection service", or other heat-actuated or smoke-actuated device.

(2) A heat-actuated device referred to in Sentence (1) shall,

(a) be located where it is readily affected by an abnormal rise of temperature in the duct, and

(b) have a temperature rating approximately 30°C above the maximum temperature that would exist in the system either with the system in operation or shut down.

(3) A fire damper shall be installed in the plane of the fire separation so as to stay in place should the duct be dislodged during a fire.

(4) A fire damper tested in the vertical or horizontal position shall be installed in the manner in which it was tested.

(5) A tightly fitted access door shall be installed for each fire damper to provide access for the inspection of the damper and the resetting of the release device.