The Ontario Building Code | Deflections and Drift Limits Deflections and Drift Limits

(1) Lateral deflections of a structure shall be calculated in accordance with the loads and requirements defined in this Subsection.

(2) Lateral deflections obtained from a linear elastic analysis using the methods given in Articles and and incorporating the effects of torsion, including accidental torsional moments, shall be multiplied by RdRo/IEto give realistic values of anticipated deflections.

(3) Based on the lateral deflections calculated in Sentence (2), the largest interstorey deflection at any level shall be limited to 0.01 hs for post-disaster buildings, 0.02 hs for High Importance Category buildings, and 0.025 hsfor all other buildings.

(4) The deflections calculated in Sentence (2) shall be used to account for sway effects as required by Sentence