The Ontario Building Code | Sprinkler Protected Glazed Wall Assembly Sprinkler protected Glazed wall Assembly

(1) A sprinkler protected glazed wall assembly shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements of ulc/ORD C263.1, "Sprinkler-protected Windows Systems".

(2) A sprinkler protected glazed wall assembly shall not be installed in,

(a) fire separations requiring a fire resistance ratingof more than two hours,

(b) a firewall,

(c) a high hazard industrial occupancy, or

(d) any part of an exit serving,

(i) a floor area subject to the requirements of Subsection 3.2.6.,

(ii) a care occupancy,

(iii) a care and treatment occupancy,

(iv) a detention occupancy, or

(v) a residential occupancy.

(3) Where a sprinkler protected glazed wall assembly is installed in an exit fire separation permitted in Sentence (2),

(a) the building shall be sprinklered, and

(b) the exits protected with the sprinkler protected glazed wall assemblies shall not comprise more than one-half of the required number of exits from any floor area.

3.1.9. Penetrations in Fire Separations and Fire-Rated Assemblies