The Ontario Building Code | Heat Recovery Ventilators Heat Recovery ventilators

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), heat recovery ventilators with rated capacities of not less than 25 L/s and not more than 200 L/s shall be installed in accordance with Article

(2) Where electric space heating, other than forced-air electric heating system, is provided in buildings of residential occupancy within the scope of Part 9, the mechanical ventilation system shall include heat recovery ventilators designed to provide the greater of,

(a) the minimum rated efficiency required by the Green Energy Act, 2009, or

(b) a minimum 55% sensible heat recovery efficiency when tested to the low temperature thermal and ventilation performance test method set out in CAN/CSA-C439, "Rating the Performance of Heat/Energy-Recovery ventilators", at a Station 1 test temperature of -25°C at an air flow not less than 30 L/s.