The Ontario Building Code | Filters and Odour Removal Equipment Filters and Odour Removal Equipment

(1) Air filters for air duct systems shall conform to the requirements for Class 2 air filter units as described in ulc-S111, "Fire Tests For Air Filter Units".

(2) When electrostatic-type filters are used, they shall be installed so as to ensure that the electric circuit is automatically de-energized when filter access doors are opened and, in dwelling units, when the system circulating fan is not operating.

(3) When odour removal equipment of the adsorption type is used it shall be,

(a) installed to provide access so that adsorption material can be reactivated or renewed, and

(b) protected from dust accumulation by air filters installed on the inlet side.

(4) Facilities for flushing and drainage shall be provided where filters are designed to be washed in place.