The Ontario Building Code | Installation and Conformance to Standards installation and Conformance to Standards

(1) The carbon monoxide alarms required by Article shall,

(a) except as permitted in Sentence (2), be permanently connected to an electrical circuit and shall have no disconnect switch between the overcurrent device and the carbon monoxide alarm,

(b) be wireref ="" title ="Electricians in East York">wired so that its activation will activate all carbon monoxide alarms within the suite, where located within a suite of residential occupancy,

(c) be equipped with an alarm that is audible within bedrooms when the intervening doors are closed, where located in a suite of residential occupancy, and

(d) conform to,

(i) CAN/CSA-6.19, "residential Carbon Monoxide Alarming Devices", or

(ii) UL 2034, "Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Alarms".

(2) Where the building is not supplied with electrical power, carbon monoxide alarms are permitted to be battery operated.

6.2.13. ventilation for Laboratories