The Ontario Building Code | Identification and Certification Identification and Certification

(1) Every length of pipe and every fitting shall have cast, stamped or indelibly marked on it the maker’s name or mark and the weight or class or quality of the product, or it shall be marked in accordance with the relevant standard, and such markings shall be visible after installation.

(2) Where a component of a plumbing systemis required by this Code to comply with a standard and the compliance is not certified by a testing agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the testing of the component in question and, when an inspector requests proof of the compliance, proof of compliance shall be produced by the person proposing to install or have installed the component, and without such proof the component shall not be installed as a permanent part of any plumbing system.

(3) The lack of certification markings on a product or plumbing component shall be regarded as proof, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that no certification exists.

(4) If a component of a plumbing system is required to be certified to a standard, the certification shall be made by a testing agency accredited for that purpose by the Standards Council of Canada.