The Ontario Building Code | Asbestos-Cement Drainage Pipe and Fittings Asbestos-cement Drainage pipe and Fittings

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), asbestos-cement pipe and its fittings for use in a drain, waste or vent system shall conform to,

(a) CAN/cgsb-34.22, "Asbestos-cement Drain pipe", or

(b) CAN/CSA-B127.1, "Asbestos cement Drain, Waste and vent Fittings".

(2) Asbestos-cement pipe and fittings used underground either outside a building or under a buildingshall conform to Sentence (1) or to,

(a) CAN/CGSB-34.9, "Asbestos-Cement Sewer Pipe",

(b) CAN/CGSB-34.23, "Asbestos-Cement House Connection Sewer Pipe", or

(c) CSA B127.2, "Components for Use in Asbestos-Cement Building Sewer Systems".