The Ontario Building Code | Concrete Pipe and Fittings Concrete pipe and Fittings

(1) Concrete pipe shall conform to CAN/CSA-A257 Series, "Standards for Concrete pipe and Manhole Sections".

(2) Joints with external elastomeric gaskets shall be made with corrosion resistant external band type flexible mechanical couplings that conform to CAN/CSA-B602, "Mechanical Couplings for Drain, Waste, and vent pipe and Sewer pipe".

(3) Concrete fittings field fabricated from lengths of pipe shall not be used.

(4) Concrete pipe shall not be used above ground inside a building.

(5) Precast reinforced circular concrete manhole sections, catch basins and fittings shall conform to CAN/CSA-A257.4, "Precast Reinforced Circular Concrete Manhole Sections, Catch Basins, and Fittings".