The Ontario Building Code | Connection of Floor Outlet Fixtures Connection of floor outlet Fixtures

(1) Every pedestal urinal, floor-mounted water closet or S-trap standard shall be connected to a fixture drain by a floor flange, except that a cast iron trap standard may be caulked to a cast iron pipe.

(2) Except as provided in Sentence (3), every floor flange shall be of brass.

(3) Where cast iron or plastic pipe is used, a floor flange of the same material may be used.

(4) Every floor flange shall be securely set on a firm base and bolted to the trap flange of the fixture, and every joint shall be sealed with a natural rubber, synthetic rubber gasket, or with a closet setting compound.

(5) Where a lead water closet stub is used, the length of the stub below the floor flange shall be at least 75 mm.