The Quebec Building Code | APPLICATION

The Quebec Building Code | APPLICATION



O.C. 364-2012, s. 1.

  • Subject to the exemptions and amendments set out in this Chapter, the Code and provisions of this Chapter apply to the design, construction procedure and all construction work carried out on an amusement ride or device referred to in the Code and designed as facilities intended for use by the public in section 9.03, including their vicinity.

    The following are exempted from the application of this Chapter:

    1. amusement rides and devices on a base that are designed to be used as coin-operated rides or devices;

    2. children’s playspaces and equipment complying with CSA Standard CSA Z614, Children’s Playspaces and Equipment, published by the Canadian Standards Association, in public areas, play spaces and other similar areas;

    3. air-supported amusement devices and structures;

    4. soft contained play systems complying with ASTM Standard ASTM F 1918, Standard Safety Performance Specification for Soft Contained Play Equipment, published by the American Society for Testing and Materials;

    5. recoil tethered rides (bungee);

    6. water slides;

    7. sliding playground and equipment that depend on snow or ice;

    8. dry slides;

    9. aerial courses, track rides and zip-lines;

    10. go-kart tracks, karts and race tracks;

    11. mechanical bulls;

    12. hot-air balloons;

    13. live animal rides; and

    14. haunted houses, labyrinths and rides in darkness with no mechanical devices to move users.

      O.C. 364-2012, s. 1.

  • For the purposes of section 10 of the Act, the amusement rides and devices referred to in CSA Standard CAN/CSA Z267-00, Safety Code for Amusement Rides and Devices, are facilities intended for use by the public.

    O.C. 364-2012, s. 1.